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Pregnancy-based workplace discrimination illegal in Texas

When a woman is pregnant, she may be excited about having her child and even enjoying the special treatment that sometimes comes along with pregnancy. However, some employers don't see the situation in the same way. To them, a pregnant woman is an unreliable worker, which can lead to workplace discrimination in Texas. A recent article provides tips on how a person can handle pregnancy-based workplace discrimination.

Discrimination based on pregnancy or childbirth is illegal, according to federal law. This applies to businesses that have at least 15 employees. Even though the federal law doesn't cover smaller companies, workers at these companies could still enjoy related protections based on local discrimination laws.

A person may be a victim of pregnancy discrimination if she is refused a job due to being pregnant -- even though she is able to complete all of the job's functions. In addition, an employer cannot fire or demote a woman who has become pregnant. Companies also should make accommodations for pregnant women, just as they would for temporarily disabled workers, such as by providing light-duty tasks.

Some Texas companies mistreat pregnant women or foster environments where it seems okay for employees to mistreat women who are expecting. In these situations, workers have the right to pursue workplace discrimination claims. Resulting remedies may include reasonable accommodation or promotions, depending on the facts of the case. Comprehending what specific factors must be proved -- in order to succeed in such a case -- will likely be important for those workers who wish to pursue this type of claim against a company.

Source:, What To Do If You're The Victim Of Pregnancy Discrimination, Marc A. Rapaport, Nov. 7, 2013

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