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Woman files sexual harassment suit agaiinst Goodwill in Texas

Employees typically like to be valued and taken care of by their companies; they seek security in the workplace. However, when a Texas employee or employer crosses the line and begins to engage in sexual harassment, this can create an insecure environment for the employee one in which the employee may fear being taken advantage of or eventually losing his or her job. A person who is being manipulated on the basis of sex certainly can fight this illegal behavior.

One woman has filed a lawsuit against Goodwill Industries of Houston, saying that the company did not do anything to help when she complained about experiencing strong sexual harassment. She said that her supervisor harassed her. According to the woman, this caused her emotional distress.

Allegedly, the supervisor attempted to enter an extramarital affair with her and made comments that were sexual in nature. She also claimed that he touched her in inappropriate ways despite her telling him to stop repeatedly. Even though she ended up transferring to another store, the company failed to complete an internal investigation of the matter, the woman stated. She said the experience affected her both physically and mentally.

Sexual harassment is illegal; this means that companies in Texas can be held liable either if the employer is the one who is sexually harassing the employee or if the employer permits an environment that is hostile due to this type of harassment. An employee has the right to file a claim against a company that allows him or her to be sexually harassed. A successful outcome can result in remedies, such as back pay, based on the particular case's details.

Source:, Goodwill sued for failing to prevent sexual harassment, suit says, John Suayan, Oct. 31, 2013

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