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January 2014 Archives

Workplace discrimination can affect pregnant women in Texas

In the workplace, some women are reluctant to discuss with their bosses their plans to become pregnant in the future. Others hesitate to tell potential employers about these plans, while others may be nervous about divulging the news that they are currently expecting for fear of experiencing workplace discrimination. In reality, no employer in Texas is allowed to discriminate against a woman on the basis of her pregnancy or desire to become pregnant in the future, according to federal law.

Man claims wrongful termination, discrimination in Texas

Struggling with a disability can be a physically or mentally challenging situation. It may also be an emotionally difficult scenario, as other people who do not understand what it is like to have the disability may ridicule or exclude the individual. Facing this type of situation in the workplace, where one expects to be treated fairly and to be given an opportunity to prove himself or herself, can feel degrading. One man in Texas recently was awarded damages stemming from a case involving disability discrimination and wrongful termination.

Companies can strive to prevent sexual harassment in Texas

In the workplace, an employer sometimes abuses his or her power by choosing to sexually harass subordinates, and this can negatively impact a person's sense of self-worth. In addition, it can affect an individual's ability to earn a living in Texas. This is why sexual harassment is illegal, according to federal law. An employer can take several steps to safeguard workers against sexual harassment.

Texas company faces age discrimination claims

As people get older, they are more susceptible to mistreatment in the workplace. Some employers value the fresh ideas and energy that young people bring to the workforce while devaluing the years of expertise and wisdom that older workers offer to companies. This can lead to age discrimination. In a recent situation, a Texas company must confront claims that it discriminated against older employees.

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