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March 2014 Archives

Man claims sexual harassment at Brand company in Texas

People naturally like to feel valued and accepted simply for who they are. This is why people typically feel violated when they are sexually harassed and taken advantage of on the basis of gender. This is also one of the reasons why people object to discrimination on the basis of race or other protected statuses, such as age. Moreover, the conduct is illegal. If sexual harassment or discrimination occurs at a company, the victim can seek justice in Texas.

Operator tech claims workplace discrimination

Gender equality has made major strides in recent decades. However, in the modern business world, workplace discrimination on the basis of sex remains an issue. It is unlawful for a company in Texas to treat an employee or job applicant differently just because she is a woman; so if this happens, the individual whose rights have allegedly been violated may elect to file a claim against the employer.

Workplace discrimination claim filed against Texas university

Being fired from a job can be a devastating experience for any employee in Texas, even if the person was at fault. However, being terminated from a job simply because of the color of one's skin or due to one's gender can be infuriating. This behavior, known as workplace discrimination, is also illegal. This is the situation that one woman in Texas allegedly faced.

Pregnant workers in Texas face workplace discrimination

Being pregnant may be good news to the woman who is expecting, but it sometimes is bad news in the minds of the woman's manager. However, no matter how much an employer fears losing a female employee for several weeks due to her having a baby in Texas, it is illegal for that company to terminate the employee in an effort to replace her with someone who is not pregnant. Unfortunately, some employers try to get around being accused of workplace discrimination by firing the woman for purportedly legitimate reasons instead, with her pregnancy really being the driving force behind the termination.

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