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Workplace discrimination on the basis of pregnancy illegal

What starts out being one of the happiest moments of a woman's life can quickly become a devastating experience. Getting pregnant and having a baby in Texas can be exciting, but sometimes employers use it as an excuse to demote or even terminate a female worker. This is considered pregnancy discrimination, and it's illegal. In a recent out-of-state case, a woman filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit against a home cleaning business franchise.

The woman claimed that she was let go simply because she was pregnant. Specifically, V&B LLC, which is a Merry Maids franchise, allegedly fired her because she was experiencing health problems related to her pregnancy. The woman claimed that her health issues did not keep her from performing her job and that her work record was clean.

According to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, it is unlawful for a business to discriminate against a female worker on the basis of pregnancy. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is filing the discrimination lawsuit on the woman's behalf. It is seeking punitive and compensatory damages, including lost wages for the plaintiff. It also is seeking an order that would bar the franchise from engaging in discrimination in the future.

Companies in Texas cannot treat a female worker differently just because she is expecting a child. They also are obligated to provide reasonable accommodations for these employees. If this fails to happen, a woman facing this type of discrimination on-the-job reserves the right to pursue a workplace discrimination claim. A claim that is successfully presented can lead to various remedies, depending on the facts of the case, with punitive damages possible if an egregious wrong was perpetrated.

Source:, "Merry Maids Franchise Sued for Pregnancy Discrimination", , April 1, 2014

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