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Woman in Texas claims workplace discrimination, wrongful firing

No one likes to be fired from a job, but learning that one has been wrongfully fired can often cause sadness and anger. It is within the rights of an individual who has experienced an illegal firing and/or workplace discrimination to fight for justice through the legal system in Texas. One woman recently claimed that she was subjected to discrimination at the job site and terminated wrongfully.

This event took place in Smith County. The woman filed a suit against a cardiovascular consultant company. She asserts that she was wrongfully fired and discriminated against due to her gender. She also alleges that the company engaged in fraud, workplace retaliation and defamation.

The Texas company has been accused of committing a contract breach, mental abuse and sexual harassment. Allegedly, her coworkers made sexual gestures and remarks in addition to being demeaning. When she reported the acts, the harassment apparently worsened. Also, the woman claimed that the company was forced to cut its expenses by freezing the pay of employees. However, one coworker was promoted, while the woman never saw a spike in her base pay for five years.

She claims that her experience at the company, where she had worked for 13 years, caused her to feel humiliated, ashamed, embarrassed and frightened. She was fired in March and said there was no legitimate reason for her to have been terminated. She is seeking damages, both forward and back pay, and court costs as part of her suit. An ideal first step for an individual who has experienced the type of workplace discrimination alleged here is to arrange for a thorough review of all underlying circumstances and facts connected to the discrimination complaint.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "Tyler Cardiovascular Consultants, others named in discrimination claim", Ben Hart, May 27, 2014

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