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June 2014 Archives

Pregnant woman files workplace discrimination suit

Announcing that one is pregnant in a Texas workplace typically incites excitement and congratulations from fellow co-workers. However, if a boss doesn't like the idea of a worker being pregnant, the individual just might end up being discriminated against. One woman in another state recently filed a workplace discrimination suit against her former employer for allegedly mistreating her after she announced her pregnancy.

Woman files claim of wrongful termination in federal court

If a person is mistreated because of his or her religious beliefs and inappropriately fired, this is a legitimate reason for a lawsuit in Texas. One person in another state recently filed a wrongful termination and religious discrimination suit against a city and its police chief following a series of events. The incident began when the woman, who had worked in her position for more than two decades, was fired because she allegedly harassed a volunteer who was lesbian.

Man claims Texas company committed age discrimination

After working for a company for a long time, a person understandably may feel valuable. After all, he or she has acquired years of wisdom and knowledge that can prove helpful for the company. Some employers, however, view old age as a liability instead of an asset, preferring younger workers who may cost less and contribute new ideas. These companies in Texas might end up engaging in age discrimination, which is illegal.

Woman claims sexual harassment, wrongful firing at Starbucks

One former worker at a Starbucks has filed a complaint against the popular coffeehouse, claiming wrongful termination and sexual harassment by employees. It is not legal for a company to allow an environment where sexual harassment can take place, nor is it lawful for employers -- in Texas of elsewhere -- to fire workers for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons. If this takes place, the wronged worker has the right to take the matter to court.

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