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Pregnant woman files workplace discrimination suit

Announcing that one is pregnant in a Texas workplace typically incites excitement and congratulations from fellow co-workers. However, if a boss doesn't like the idea of a worker being pregnant, the individual just might end up being discriminated against. One woman in another state recently filed a workplace discrimination suit against her former employer for allegedly mistreating her after she announced her pregnancy.

The woman decided to sue the company for $470,000. She said she worked for the establishment for over two years before telling managers that she was expecting a child. The woman then said the company owner recommended that she quit working for one year, which would give her time to take care of her baby.

The woman said she wanted to take only a handful of weeks off since she couldn't afford to take an entire year off, based on the suit. She said she was later terminated. The termination was for poor job performance even though the woman had recently received a good job review and had even been promoted, the employee said.

The woman filed a claim with the state’s labor bureau, which found a large amount of evidence of illegal employment discrimination, officials said. It then gave her a letter stating that she had the right to file a lawsuit regarding the matter. In Texas, it is not lawful for an employer to demote or fire someone just because she has become pregnant. This is grounds for a workplace discrimination suit filed against the business, which could result in monetary relief or other remedies if won.

Source:, "Woman announces pregnancy, is fired 12 days later from NE Portland job, $470,000 lawsuit claims", Aimee Green, June 17, 2014

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