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Workplace discrimination suit filed by 2 airline employees

Two Texas workers recently filed a suit against Continental/United Airlines alleging that they were mistreated on the basis of race and sex. According to the workplace discrimination suit, the two workers -- black females -- were constantly ignored when pursuing promotions. In addition, the two women claimed they weren't acknowledged for their stellar performances at work.

The women said they were chosen to complete an assignment in another country that was slated to last eight weeks. While trying to merge United Airlines’ and Continental Airlines’ computer systems there, they reportedly suffered discrimination. In addition to denying them promotions, the company allegedly created payroll-related problems for them, deleted their passwords, denied them uniforms and disciplined them for fake infractions.

The women said they experienced this disciplinary action because they had complained about the organization’s discriminatory practices. They argued that the company committed several offenses, including intentionally inflicting emotional distress and breaching contracts. The company’s other alleged offenses include negligent hiring, slander and libel.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages within the court’s jurisdictional limits along with costs, interest and exemplary damages. Employers in Texas are not allowed to engage in workplace discrimination -- which may include firing or demoting a worker, for example -- simply because an employee is of a certain race or gender. Doing this can affect employees’ ability to financially support themselves and even negatively impact their self-confidence. If this takes place, a wronged worker has the right to seek relief deemed just by the court in a discrimination suit.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "African American women charge racial, gender discrimination against airline", Kelly Holleran, Aug. 1, 2014

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