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September 2014 Archives

Teacher claims race discrimination after contract is discontinued

A man who worked as a grade school teacher claims that he lost his job unjustly. He asserts that he lost his job due to race discrimination. The black teacher worked in a Texas school district and alleges that his work life began to change for the worse when a new principal was hired. He claims that, almost right away, the new principal became very critical of his work performance. The principal also is said to have accused the plaintiff of threatening him.

Sexual harassment claim filed against Texas company

When an employee believes that he or she is being harassed at work, generally the first step is to alert a superior to the issue. At this point, the employer should be following protocol and putting an end to the sexual harassment behavior.  Sadly, there are some Texas businesses that take this type of activity and sweep it under the rug, forcing the employee to deal with the issue alone. In some cases, sometimes a company even fires the employee to avoid dealing with the problem.

Neiman Marcus salesman claims workplace discrimination

A fragrance counter salesman felt that he lost his job unjustly, despite his incredible sales record. The man believes that he was fired due to workplace discrimination because he is homosexual and Jewish. He is now fighting back and filing a claim against the Texas-based Neiman Marcus.

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