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October 2014 Archives

Woman gets EEOC approval for her sexual harassment claim

While at work, employees should feel that they are safe and can work in a conducive environment. Unfortunately, however, that is not always the case. Knowingly or unknowingly, some Texas employees do not know the boundaries between making a funny joke to relate to their co-workers and sexual harassment that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Woman claims wrongful termination because of her spouse's race

When most people are subjected to illegal, unfair treatment in the workplace, it is usually due to their own protected status characteristics. According to a former employee for Fast Eddie's pool hall and sports bar in Texas, her wrongful termination didn't have anything to do with her. She claims that she was discriminated against because of the color of her husband's skin.

Black Hershey sales rep claims race discrimination after firing

Even the sweetest place on earth can have difficulties in the workplace. A former employee who was a sales representative for Hershey believes that she was the victim of race discrimination. The black Texas rep worked for the company for over eight years until she allegedly lost her job to a white female employee.

Man claims wrongful termination after reporting sexual harassment

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but if an employee sees suspicious behavior in the workplace, it is typically best that it be reported to management. In most cases, one may think that this type of behavior would be rewarded and not punished. If a Texas business doesn't wish to deal with certain situations, however, the company may choose to fire the employee who reported the incident. That could lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Pregnant woman accuses her employer of workplace discrimination

Pregnancy can be an exciting time in a woman's life. Due to the way that the world is changing, more women are remaining in the workforce during their pregnancy. While women are with child, they should be given a reasonable accommodations to allow them to continue to do their work. Unfortunately, some Texas employers look at a woman being pregnant on the job in a negative light and may treat her differently or feel that she is no longer fit to work, ultimately terminating her. The pregnant woman may choose to fight back against her employer by filing a workplace discrimination claim.

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