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Woman claims wrongful termination because of her spouse's race

When most people are subjected to illegal, unfair treatment in the workplace, it is usually due to their own protected status characteristics. According to a former employee for Fast Eddie's pool hall and sports bar in Texas, her wrongful termination didn't have anything to do with her. She claims that she was discriminated against because of the color of her husband's skin.

The white woman worked at the hall and was bestowed an award for having the most sales in the company. For her efforts, she won a vacation and would be going with the company's owners and management. For more enjoyment on the vacation, the woman brought her black husband with her. While on the trip, she claims that one of the owners gave her spouse an award of his own for having the best suntan.

According to the plaintiff, she was told by the company's director of operations that her husband was too black and too dark for her. She alleges that she was also told that she shouldn't be with a black man. The comments upset the plaintiff, and she reported the remarks that were made, but she claims that nothing was ever done. Instead, she ultimately lost her job.

The Texas woman filed a complaint against the pool hall for wrongful termination, accusing them of firing her because her husband is black. She is asking for lost wages, monetary damages, court costs and to be returned to her former position. Employees who feel that they have been fired unjustly may exercise their right to file a claim against their employer. If the claim is successfully navigated, the worker may receive financial redress as well as possibly being reinstated.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "Woman says employer terminated her due to husband's race", Kelly Holleran, Oct. 10, 2014

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