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December 2014 Archives

Woman claims a wrongful termination after a medical episode

Many people who suffer from disabilities are still able to have gainful employment in the workplace when their situations are monitored. In most cases, this will require reasonable accommodations from the Texas employer to allow them to work to their fullest potentials. Unfortunately, there are some instances when supervisors are not adequately trained on how to handle these types of situations and may choose to remove the worker unnecessarily by issuing a wrongful termination instead.

Man believes workplace discrimination led to his termination

A man who worked for Fandeli International Corporation is suing the company, as well as two of his superiors, for terminating him without just cause. He is accusing the defendants of multiple offenses. The offenses include subjecting him to a hostile work environment, workplace discrimination and violating the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act. 

Participation in an investigation leads to a retaliation lawsuit

Employees are often faced with making difficult decisions that could directly impact their fellow co-workers or their companies. Sometimes Texas workers are forced to make tough decisions concerning their participation in investigations that could adversely affect their companies. If it is something that they are required to do by law, then they are legally obligated to participate. Those who participate in such activities should not expect to be the victims of retaliation, but that is not always the case.

Pregnancy allegedly an issue for female UPS drivers

When a woman is with child, it should be an exciting time in her life. Working should not become a matter of contention or stress for a woman when she is employed during her pregnancy. Unfortunately, many Texas women are not provided the accommodations that they need and either lose their jobs or feel that they are forced to resign.

Workplace discrimination suits nets $185 million for one worker

In modern society, women have the right to expect equal treatment in the workplace. They have this same right during pregnancy and after giving birth. When employers fail to treat female employees equally, they run the risk of facing a workplace discrimination suit in a Texas courtroom. 

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