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February 2015 Archives

Woman claims wrongful termination due to previous complaint

After hearing some offensive comments, a former housekeeper claims that she lost her job for reporting them. The plaintiff was working at the New Boston Nursing Center in Texas when her position was subcontracted to a third party. As a result, she became an employee of Heathcare Services Group (HSG). It was after joining HSG that she claims that the troubles began that led to her eventual wrongful termination.

Hospital has at least 2 race discrimination claims pending

Most would like to believe that the days of discrimination are in the past, but unfortunately, they still can exist. Many workers in Texas and elsewhere are still subject disparate treatment in the workplace. This could prompt the workers to turn to the law for assistance. Such claims were demonstrated recently when a medical center in another state was involved in at least two race discrimination claims from former employees.

Ex-Starbucks employee accuses the company of sexual harassment

Coffee lovers everywhere may be surprised to hear the accusations being made about Starbucks. The company synonymous with coffee in Texas and across the across the United States is being accused of sexual harassment by one of its former baristas. As an early riser, the woman noted that working the early shift would be a great fit for her. She loved working for the company and enjoyed the customers, but she said all of that changed once a new manager was appointed.

Man claims he was passed over due to workplace discrimination

Promotion is the goal of nearly every employee. When employers are determining who to promote, the most qualified candidate for the job is the one who is normally chosen; however, there are instances when this is not what happens. Some Texas residents who have been denied promotions to which they believe they are entitled look further into the matters and determine that their employers' decisions were based on workplace discrimination.

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