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Man claims he was passed over due to workplace discrimination

Promotion is the goal of nearly every employee. When employers are determining who to promote, the most qualified candidate for the job is the one who is normally chosen; however, there are instances when this is not what happens. Some Texas residents who have been denied promotions to which they believe they are entitled look further into the matters and determine that their employers' decisions were based on workplace discrimination.

A black employee of Oil States Energy Services claims that he was the victim of racial discrimination. The plaintiff allegedly applied numerous time for a promotion to the position of district manager, but to no avail. He purportedly asked about the promotion and was told that no black worker would be promoted to that job.

The position was filled by a white worker who allegedly used derogatory racial remarks on a regular basis. After the plaintiff reported the offensive language, the man was fired. After the man's termination, the district manager position was once again vacant. The plaintiff  tried to get the job and was told that he had to go through the interview process again. Ultimately, he was promoted to the position.

Even though the man got the job for which he applied, he believes that he was denied the promotion previously because of his race. He filed a claim against the company and its affiliated companies accusing them of workplace discrimination. It is illegal for employers to deny Texas workers a promotion due to any protected status characteristics. Those who find themselves in similar situations may choose to file claims against their employers and may be awarded compensation based on evidence of the discrimination.

Source:, "Man says he was a victim of racial discrimination", Annie Cosby, Jan. 29, 2015

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