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March 2015 Archives

Woman running for public office claims wrongful termination

The former administrative secretary of Precinct 3 is accusing the county and the commissioner of causing her to lose her job unjustly. The Texas woman claims she suffered a wrongful termination as an act of retaliation because she tried to run for Justice of the Peace in another precinct. She alleges that during the five years that she was employed in Precinct 3, she did not have any performance issues. Prior to that position, she claims that she performed well in other capacities serving the county.

Former employees are accusing Alcon of workplace discrimination

Women who were previously employed by Alcon are claiming that they were not given equal treatment in comparison to their male colleagues. The Texas-based company, a division of Novartis, is being accused of workplace discrimination by the women, and they are requesting a trial by jury. The plaintiffs were called ambitious and very talented according to press releases, but all of their hard work was allegedly not being compensated.

Prayer at a party ends in a workplace discrimination lawsuit

Talking about religion can lead to arguments in any social setting and can be especially conflicting in the workplace. Texas workers have the right to agree to disagree, but they should not be subjected to retaliation in the workplace for their opinions. Two women who worked for VitalPet are alleging that they lost their jobs due to workplace discrimination because they did not share the same religious views as the company's CEO.

Woman denied opportunities alleges workplace discrimination

All employees should be treated fairly regardless of any protected status characteristic. Sadly, in this day and age, workplace discrimination continues to plague employees across the country. However, aggrieved Texas workers often find hope by turning to the court system for assistance.

Ex Shell worker claims he was harassed due to age discrimination

It is a fact of life that people age, but this does not mean that they are any less qualified to do their jobs. Older Texas workers should not be made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace or be treated in such a way that causes them feel less valued. A man who was employed by Shell Oil alleges this is what happened to him, which prompted his filing an age discrimination claim.

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