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May 2015 Archives

Woman's firing was allegedly retaliation for removing an app

As the world becomes more high tech, people are beginning to feel as if they have less privacy than they did even a few years ago. Monitoring technology is now becoming more prevalent in the workplace, and smartphones are now commonplace. With all of these advances, there may be a conflict between what a Texas company needs to know and what it wants to know about its employees. If workers do not comply with what they believe to be an unnecessary invasion of privacy, employers may act in retaliation and fire them instead.

Ex-Zales workers accuse their supervisor of sexual harassment

Many women may think that working for a jewelry store would be a dream come true, but that is not always the reality. A group of three women who worked for Texas-based Zales allege that they were the victims of sexual harassment. Each of the women had filed claims individually, but the cases were consolidated and recently moved to federal court.

Bayer MaterialScience is being accused of sexual harassment

Bayer MaterialScience LLC and one of its supervisors are named as defendants in a case filed by a mother and her son. People in Texas and elsewhere may be disturbed to hear that the materials giant is being accused of sexual harassment and inflicting emotional distress. Both plaintiffs worked for the company as chemical operators -- the mother for 27 years and her son for just over a year.

Worker accuses Kroger of violating the Family Medical Leave Act

Employees may need to take time away from work for any number of personal reasons. Some of these reasons are covered under the Family Medical Leave Act. Texas employees who need to take time off for eligible reasons should not be retaliated against for making use of this benefit.

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