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Ex-Hooters girl claims race discrimination due to her hair color

Employee appearance policies help to ensure that all workers have an image that reflects well on the companies for which they work. However, these policies should apply to all Texas workers the same way regardless of race. A former server for Hooters claims that she was the victim of race discrimination because of the unfair treatment she received for coloring her hair.

The plaintiff -- who happens to be black -- said she was scrutinized when she came to work with blond highlights in her hair. Her manager allegedly told her that blond hair is not natural for a black woman and informed her that she was not abiding by the employee appearance policy. According to the policy, Hooters servers are to keep their hair colors within two shades, either lighter or darker, of their nature colors. The plaintiff contends that the same standard was not applied to white servers who had dark, but highlighted, hair.

The plaintiff claims she was given a set amount of time to have her hair re-colored, but she refused and continued to come work with the blonde in her hair. Each time she came into work, she was sent back home. She ultimately was terminated because she allegedly did not maintain the proper company image.

According to the senior brand manager, who is a former server at Hooters, the plaintiff's claims were far from the truth. Being a black woman herself, she stated that she wears her hair in different shades and maintains the company's appearance policy without any issues. The plaintiff won her race discrimination claim against the company and was awarded $250,000. Texas workers who feel they have suffered from discrimination at work based upon a legally protected status have the right to pursue recourse through the civil court system.

Source:, "$250,000 for Hooters server: Ex-Hooters Girl wins her 'hair discrimination' suit - Long Island Top News", Linsey Bald, April 9, 2015

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