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February 2016 Archives

Contract Disputes: Can non-compete agreements be unenforceable?

Many Texas employees who will have exposure to trade secrets and proprietary information may be expected to sign a non-compete agreement, but just because a contract is signed may not mean that is legally enforceable. Contract disputes can occur when the information contained in the agreement is too vague or too constricting, which can cause problems for the exiting employees later on. An out of state man claims that the agreement he signed should not stand up in court. He, as well as his current employer, have filed a lawsuit against his former employer in a federal court.

Employment Contracts: Do they always hold up in court?

Just because a Texas individuals signs a contract does not mean that it is legally enforceable. Some employment contracts may contain clauses that do not comply with the law, and in some instances of non-compete clauses, the verbiage may either be too specific or too vague to hold up in court. An out-of-state woman has taken her case to a federal court to have her non-compete agreement nullified and to contest a lawsuit her former employer has brought against her.

Contract Disputes: Jeunesse sues LifeVantage CEO

Many people in Texas and elsewhere around the world consider getting involved with a multi-level marketing company to start their own business or to make some extra income. When people choose which company they would like to join, a significant part of the choice will be based upon the products that a specific company offers. Contract disputes among direct selling companies can occur when former employees branch off to start their own businesses and are accused of stealing proprietary information.

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