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March 2016 Archives

Sexual harassment suit filed against dean of prominent law school

Numerous stories have appeared in the news lately here in Texas and elsewhere regarding prolific sexual harassment on college campuses. Many of the stories focus on students who are experiencing this issue, but college campuses are also a place of work for many people. This fact was pointed out recently by a woman who has filed a sexual harassment suit against the dean of a prominent law school on the west coast.

Doctor who claimed retaliation wins wrongful termination suit

Many Texas employees would agree that when they see unethical or illegal behavior in their workplaces, they are duty bound to report it to administrators within the company. Unfortunately, such reporting can sometimes result in retaliation from the employer as well as the employee. Some people are even fired for it. Recently, a doctor claimed that she was the victim of wrongful termination when she told her superiors that she was going to go to authorities regarding what she perceived were illegal and unethical practices.

Man wins close to $800K for his workplace discrimination claim

A man claims that he was denied a promotion because of the color of his skin. His case, filed in a federal court outside Texas, sued the city for workplace discrimination. Although his case has recently been resolved, he alleges that the city still has not made progress eradicating unfair treatment.

Christmas party turns into a workplace discrimination lawsuit

A woman who worked for an obstetrician outside Texas alleges she was fired unjustly. She is accusing the facility and her former superior of workplace discrimination based on her sex. She has filed her case against the defendants in a federal court.

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