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April 2016 Archives

Former police academy recruit wins age discrimination case

Many Texas residents already know that as the average age of United States residents increases, it is more often acknowledged that age should not make as much of a difference in many industries. However, that does not keep those in certain professions from wanting to exclude people over a certain age. This type of age discrimination is against federal and state law in many cases.

Diving coach gets slap on the wrist for sexual harassment

In Aug. 2015, a male employee of a prominent West Coast university finally made an official complaint against the school's diving coach. He claimed that he was the victim of continuous and pervasive sexual harassment that only got worse when another employee quit. Texas readers might be surprised to know that for all that the employee was put through, the university merely fined the diving coach $455.30 in pay, and he was not even suspended.

Did sexual harassment claim lead to woman being fired?

Every worker in Texas is entitled to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Most employers have policies and procedures in place to prevent a hostile work environment, but not every company's employees, supervisors and managers adhere to these legally mandated restrictions. When a worker files a sexual harassment claim with a supervisor, it is expected that the allegations will be taken seriously. If that does not happen, the victim has the right to pursue all of the legal remedies available.

Man sues former employer for FMLA violations among other claims

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows qualified employees to take a certain amount of unpaid leave for a variety of reasons specified in the federal law. The provisions of the FMLA are designed to give employees here in Texas and across the country the peace of mind that they will not lose their jobs if they have to be out of work for an extended period for a qualifying event. If an employer violates the act and wrongfully terminates a worker, a lawsuit might be appropriate.

Do you qualify for unpaid leave under FMLA?

Texas workers might know that they could be eligible for unpaid leave under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. However few people really understand what it takes to qualify for FMLA. Below is a summary of the eligibility requirements and what it covers.

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