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May 2016 Archives

Negotiating employment contracts in Texas

Many executive and nonexecutive level employees throughout the state of Texas find themselves in a position where they need to negotiate the terms of their employment. In many circumstances, companies present employment contracts to prospective employees who sign them without considering the fine print. Furthermore, an employee might make seemingly unreasonable demands during the negotiation process.

Superintendent retires in wake of sexual harassment scandal

One of the duties of every Texas employer is to provide employees with a safe work environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. When a worker makes a complaint of sexual harassment or discrimination, it is the employer's duty to investigate the situation and take action accordingly. When complaints of these and other prohibited activities are ignored or "swept under the rug," it often passively encourages such behavior and creates a hostile work environment.

Former nurse alleges she was fired due to age discrimination

As more older people around the country -- and here in Texas -- remain in good health for longer, they are remaining in the workforce longer as well. At the same time, there are younger, and supposedly more energetic and qualified people, coming into the workforce. There is an often unsubstantiated belief that younger workers will be better at their jobs than those who are seen as approaching retirement age. In some cases, this means that older employees could become the target of age discrimination.

Woman alleges wrongful termination for being a whistle blower

Most companies across the country and here in Texas comply with the environmental and safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. However, some companies are not in compliance, and employees might report those deficiencies. In some cases, those employees could become a victim of retaliation and wrongful termination for being a whistleblower.

Ex-fire fighter wins years long sexual harassment suit

Texas and federal law prohibit employers from discriminating against and harassing their employees due to their sexual orientation, gender or both. However, that does not mean that it never happens. In fact, sexual harassment and discrimination on the job occurs nearly every day somewhere across the country and at least some of the victims file lawsuits seeking restitution for the damage done to them.

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