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Negotiating employment contracts in Texas

Many executive and nonexecutive level employees throughout the state of Texas find themselves in a position where they need to negotiate the terms of their employment. In many circumstances, companies present employment contracts to prospective employees who sign them without considering the fine print. Furthermore, an employee might make seemingly unreasonable demands during the negotiation process.

In either case, continuing negotiations without an attorney could prove to be disastrous for one or both parties. Even a contract that seems fair when the parties are getting along could prove problematic if one party violates the contract. The litigation is often confined to the four corners of the contract. The provisions of that contract could favor one party more than the other, and the results of any litigation could also end up leaving at least one of the parties unsatisfied.

Therefore, it is recommended that neither party sign an employment contract without first having it at least reviewed by an attorney. Both sides need to have as complete an understanding as possible of the provisions and their implications. If it appears that the provisions are not acceptable, negotiations can then begin to correct any perceived deficiencies.

Once employment contracts are executed, it can be difficult to change them. Therefore, it is imperative that you are certain that the provisions of your contract are acceptable. Whether you are the owner of a Texas company or a potential employee, it is not advisable to negotiate any contract without the benefit of legal counsel -- especially since you could end up in court defending your rights under that contract someday.

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