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Workplace discrimination suit filed over lack of prayer breaks

The Civil Rights Act of l964 places restrictions on most employers from discriminatory practices against employees because of their religion. Legal actions brought forth by employees who require the ability to pray at certain times of the day in order to adhere to their religious obligations have become increasingly more common. Those in Texas who feel they have been subjected to workplace discrimination due to these issues may be interested in a recent lawsuit that aims to protect workers' rights in this area.

According to the complaint, employees working in a Midwest manufacturing plant had been allowed to take prayer breaks throughout the day in order to adhere to their religious laws. In keeping with the Islamic faith, believers are required to pray five times every day at a specific time. However, the company issued a new rule in January that only allows an employee to take two pre-set, 10-minute breaks during their shift, which has caused issues for those who follow strict Muslim tenets.

The company allegedly threatened to terminate employees who did not follow this new rule. Seven Muslim employees were fired earlier in the year, and 14 additional employees resigned because of the dispute. One of the major issues addressed in the complaint is that the company refused to discuss any kind of reasonable solution prior to the employees' terminations.

Those in Texas facing similar workplace discrimination issues may benefit from contacting an attorney who is experienced in employment law. Employees have protected rights with regards to religious beliefs and practices, and they have the right to file a lawsuit against an employer who infringes on those rights. An employment law attorney can best evaluate an employee's specific employment situation, and he or she can advise a client as to the state and national laws that govern religious discrimination.

Source: ABC News, "Muslim Employees File Religious Discrimination Complaint Against Wisconsin Firm Over Prayer Dispute", Morgan Winsor, May 25, 2016

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