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September 2016 Archives

More than one sexual harassment claim filed at National Parks

Each year, many Texas residents take the opportunity to enjoy the country's national parks. They might be surprised to know that even in such beautiful surroundings, the specter of sexual harassment looms over workers. In fact, more than one sexual harassment claim has been filed against several of national parks. 

Chipolte accused of wrongful termination by former employee

Last year, Chipolte Mexican Grill made headlines for removing food items that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) from its restaurants. Many people here in Texas and elsewhere applauded the fast food chain for this move. Chipolte has made the news once again, but this time there might not be applause since one of the company's former employees is accusing it of wrongful termination.

Is age discrimination prevalent in the technology industry?

Advances are continuously being made in the technology industry, and many people assume that young minds are at the forefront of these changes. However, it might not surprise Texas readers to know that this is not always the case. Age does not necessarily have anything to do with innovation and ability, but that does not stop some companies in the tech industry from engaging in age discrimination by failing to hire qualified individuals because they are older.

Wrongful termination suit alleges retaliation for FMLA leave

Life is unpredictable, and family obligations can interfere with a Texas resident's work from time to time. If an extended leave is necessary in order to recover from an illness or injury -- or care for a qualified family member who is doing so -- employees are entitled to certain protections under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). An out-of-state woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer alleging that she was the victim of wrongful termination after taking extended time off under FMLA.

How is sexual harassment defined by the EEOC?

Even in a time when many groups such as women and the LGBT community have successfully combated prejudice, sex discrimination continues to be a problem in the workplace here in Texas and elsewhere. Much of this discrimination takes the form of unwanted sexual advances and other inappropriate behavior. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses sexual harassment as it is defined by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which applies to any company that has more than 15 employees, labor organizations and employment agencies, along with the federal government.

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