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Is age discrimination prevalent in the technology industry?

Advances are continuously being made in the technology industry, and many people assume that young minds are at the forefront of these changes. However, it might not surprise Texas readers to know that this is not always the case. Age does not necessarily have anything to do with innovation and ability, but that does not stop some companies in the tech industry from engaging in age discrimination by failing to hire qualified individuals because they are older.

Some would say that since young people grew up with computers, they are more familiar with them. Therefore, as the argument goes, they are better equipped to sell and/or fix computers and other technological devices. This perception could be driving the fact that many more young people seem to work at technology stores.

For example, JK Scheinberg spent more than 20 years working for Apple as a software engineer and is considered in many circles to be a legend. He decided that he wanted to work part time even though he was retired. He applied for a position at an Apple store to work the Apple Genius Bar, which fixes customers computer problems. With all of his experience, he should have been an easy choice, but after an interview, he never received a call back.

Is is possible that Scheinberg was the victim of age discrimination? Many people would say that he was, and his plight shines a light on the problem of ageism in the tech industry. At this point, the 54-year-old man has not taken legal action. However, many other older people here in Texas and around the country might exercise their rights to file a complaint if the only factor that appears to be keeping them from getting a certain job is age.

Source:, "How common is age discrimination? A legendary Apple engineer couldn't get a Genius Bar job", Douglas Perry, Sept. 7, 2016

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