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Legal action may help victims of age discrimination in Texas

Many older Texas residents may struggle when it comes to finding employment. Even if individuals are hired, they may still feel as if they do not belong because they are treated unfairly due to their ages. Age discrimination can cause hardworking individuals to feel isolated in the workplace and potentially even lose their jobs due to unfair actions from employers. 

One man in another state recently filed a lawsuit against Tesla due to such discrimination. Reports stated that the 69-year-old man had begun work with the company as a contract worker four years ago and then was hired on a more permanent basis. However, he was regularly criticized for having a slow work pace, but he believes he completed his necessary tasks as timely as his younger co-workers. 

The man also claims that he was treated more unfairly after taking time off for surgery. After returning to work, he reportedly worked with his supervisor in order to come up with a plan to improve his work reviews, but the attempts were apparently unsuccessful. He was terminated from his position despite his efforts. These actions resulted in his filing a lawsuit against the company.

Dealing with age discrimination can be difficult. Individuals may hope to take the best actions for improving their situations, but they may still be wrongfully terminated from their jobs. In such cases, Texas residents who have been victims of discrimination may wish to consider their legal options. Discussing potential civil claims with experienced attorneys may help interested individuals determine whether taking action could be right for their circumstances.

Source:, "69-year-old engineer says Tesla fired him because he was old", Sidney Fussell, Oct. 3, 2016

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