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Retaliation could lead to wrongful termination cases in Texas

Losing a job is never a pleasant experience. Individuals may feel even more upset over being fired if they believe the dismissal came about due to retaliation. Employees may be placed in compromising positions while on the job, but if they choose to report wrongdoings and are then terminated from their jobs, they may wish to assess their state of affairs and determine whether legal action could be in their best interests.

Texas residents may be interested in a case of alleged wrongful termination currently taking place in another region. Reports stated that one man recently filed a lawsuit against the cancer center where he was formerly employed. The man was quietly terminated from his position as director after he expressed concerns regarding the use of donated funds. The money was donated to fund cancer research, but the man claimed that $6 million had been used on the center's operating expenses.

After reporting the diversion of funds, the man was forced to leave. The facility did not formally announce his dismissal. As a result of his termination, the man recently filed a lawsuit as he believes he was retaliated against. A representative for the cancer center denied that the man had been wrongfully terminated.

Many individuals may feel apprehensive when it comes to speaking out against employers. They may fear that they could be wrongfully terminated in an act of retaliation as with the man in this case. If Texas residents believe they were unjustly dismissed from their jobs, they may wish to consider legal action of their own. Information from experienced attorneys may be able to provide much-needed insight into such proceedings.

Source:, "Dartmouth-Hitchcock sued, accused of wrongful termination", Oct. 28, 2016

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