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Family Medical Leave Act violations should not go overlooked

Having medical issues can make it difficult for individuals to work. However, numerous Texas residents attempt to work through their suffering in order to hold down steady employment. While doing so, they may need time away from work in order to address their medical concerns, and in many cases, certain absences are covered under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. 

Though the FMLA protects workers with medical issues, some employees could still face negative repercussions from their employers. It was recently reported that one man in another state believes his rights under the FMLA were violated. The man worked as a custodian at a university, and he needed sporadic leave due to a medical condition. He was later terminated from his position for excessive absences, though some of those absences were covered under his FMLA leave. As a result, he has filed a lawsuit.

Another former worker at the same university is pursuing a different case as she believes she was retaliated against and had her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act violated. The woman worked as a secretary, and after developing certain medical issues, she requested "reasonable" accommodations. However, she claims that her work environment became hostile, and she was transferred to another department before being dismissed from her job. 

Violations of the Family Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act can result in individuals suffering considerable hardships. Therefore, negatively affected parties may wish to take action against such injustice. Texas residents who are interested in potentially pursuing cases of their own may wish to find out more information on employment law claims.

Source:, "Former employees sue University of Scranton", Terrie Morgan-Besecker, Dec. 27, 2016

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