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Retaliation fear may hinder Texas workers

Speaking up about wrongdoing may be more difficult than many individuals imagine. Some Texas workers who file complaints about negative actions in the workplace may face retaliation, and as a result, they could be forced to endure unfair punishments or even being dismissed from their jobs altogether. In such cases, these individuals may have cause to pursue legal action.

It was recently reported that one woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit due to being terminated from her job. Reports stated that the woman had criticized the customer security measures of a major mutual fund corporation in 2015 as part of a news article. Just over two weeks after the article was published, the woman was fired. She was also on family medical leave when the termination took place.

The woman believes that she was retaliated against and that the company filed false information regarding her that has resulted in her being unable to find employment in the securities industry. These actions led to her filing of the lawsuit. She is seeking compensation for damages of emotional distress and other costs relating to the wrongful termination. 

Fearing retaliation for speaking out against serious issues in the workplace may weigh heavily on Texas residents. However, individuals may wish to understand that they may have legal options when it comes to seeking justice for wrongful termination. Speaking with experienced employment law attorneys could help interested parties determine what options they have and which specific avenues may be best suited for their particular cases.

Source:, "Vanguard Whistleblower Sues Mutual Fund Giant for Wrongful Termination, Distress", Susan Antilla, Dec. 5, 2016

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