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Lawsuits may help sexual harassment victims seek justice in Texas

Any type of untoward or unseemly acts that occur in the workplace can quickly turn an environment uncomfortable or even hostile. Sexual harassment is an unfortunately common type of action that can lead to employees feeling as if their workplace is no longer safe. However, individuals who have been victims of such harassment have legal options of which they may wish to take advantage.

Texas residents may be interested in one case that was recently settled in another state. Reports indicated that a woman who had been a city employee filed a lawsuit against the city after she was subjected to sexual harassment on the job as well as other unfair treatment. She claimed that one of her supervisors had shown her a video that was pornographic in nature and that a co-worker had made numerous sexual comments toward her. In addition to the harassment, the woman stated that when she applied for a promotion to a full-time position, other workers were given answers before taking the civil service exam. 

The woman's case moved forward and the city council recently voted on a verdict. The decision to settle the suit was unanimous, and the woman was awarded $175,000. It was also noted that the process for civil service exams had been changed to lessen the likelihood of cheating.

Taking action after facing sexual harassment on the job may be an important step for many victims. Legal action may help these individuals gain justice for the unfair treatment to which they were subjected. Therefore, if Texas residents have been in similar situations, they may wish to explore their legal options.

Source:, "City of Omaha settles harassment lawsuit for $175,000", Jan. 10, 2017

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