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Texas residents could take action against race discrimination

Some Texas residents may relate to a situation one out-of-state man recently faced. Reports indicated that the African-American man was employed by a major bread manufacturer, and while on the job, the man was reportedly subjected to race discrimination. Reports also stated that he attempted to take action against the company for such wrongdoing in 2014, but his claims went unheeded by the company.

Due to the inaction, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stepped in on the man's behalf to pursue a second lawsuit. The claims of the suit indicate that he suffered demeaning remarks and generalizations from his co-workers. These remarks included telling the man that black people were lazy and insinuating that he may steal from his co-workers simply because of his race.

The harassment from co-workers and violations committed by the company for failure to attend to the man's original complaints were part of the lawsuit. The man's case was recently settled, and the company agreed to pay him $30,000. It was also reported that the company will begin "civility" training and take steps to ensure that managers work to prevent such harassment on the job. 

No one should be made to feel unsafe or unwelcome in their work environment, and negative comments based on a person's appearance can easily contribute to such feelings. Race discrimination in the workplace is an illegal act, and victims have the right to pursue legal action in order to have their situations addressed. If Texas workers have faced such discrimination on the job, they may wish to consider action of their own.

Source: Downers Grove, IL Patch, "Baking Giant Gonnella Settles Racial Discrimination Lawsuit By Paying Employee $30K", Anicka Slachta, Jan. 12, 2017

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