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Texas workers have rights for addressing workplace discrimination

Being discriminated against because of race or national origin can cause many individuals to face a great deal of pain. Texas residents may be interested in one workplace discrimination case that is currently underway in another state. Reports indicate that a university professor has filed a claim against the institution for discrimination after he was forced to teach subjects for which he was not qualified.

The man is a native of South Korea and had previously filed a claim against the university after he was terminated from his position. That previous claim also revolved around discrimination, and he was later rehired after the case was settled in mediation. However, he claims he continued to face harassment and retaliation on the job. He asserts that he was not given raises similar to other co-workers and was passed over for promotion. 

Later, the man was apparently required to teach math classes even though that is not his area of expertise. He was reportedly told that Koreans were good at mathematics, and his national origin made him qualified to teach the subject. He says he experienced a similar situation when he was forced to teach a class on Korean politics simply because he was from South Korea. The man claims that he also faced other discriminatory and harassing situations. As a result, he is pursuing the lawsuit. 

Workplace discrimination can have a wide array of effects. If Texas residents have faced race or national origin discrimination while on the job, they may wish to explore their legal options. Rather than feel forced to contend with unfair treatment, victims of discrimination may wish to speak with experienced attorneys to help them better understand their legal rights for addressing their situations.

Source: NBC News, "Professor Alleges Racial Discrimination After University Forced Him to Teach Math", Chris Fuchs, Jan. 5, 2017

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