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February 2017 Archives

Employment contracts may present issues for Texas workers

Complications revolving around employment issues can often affect many Texas residents. Employment contracts have been known to become points of contention if employers and workers cannot come to agreeable terms. In many instances, continued conflict could result in workers feeling the need to take drastic actions, such as going on strike, in hopes of having their voices heard. 

Speaking out against sexual harassment may be difficult in Texas

Feeling like a victim in any situation can be difficult to handle. Some individuals may want to ignore when someone else carries out unjust actions against them, in hopes that the problems will just go away. Unfortunately, inaction could lead to the problem continuing or even getting worse. Therefore, if Texas residents have been the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, they may wish to consider speaking out. 

Issues concerning FMLA violations may worry Texas residents

There are many instances in which workers may need time away from work. For some, more time off may be necessary if they are dealing with a medical condition. In many cases, employees may be protected under the Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, which requires employers to provide leave for qualifying medical or family reasons. If an employer does not adhere to the act, serious legal issues could come about. 

Addressing wrongful termination may help Texas residents

Job loss can seriously impact individuals in a variety of ways. Their finances may be negatively affected, and the emotional and mental stress that comes from being dismissed from a position can lead to other difficulties. When a dismissal is considered a case of wrongful termination, the situation can seem even more disheartening, and the fired individual may wish to have the incident legally addressed. 

Papa John's involved in workplace discrimination case

There are various laws in place that work to protect workers from unjust discrimination in their places of employment. Unfortunately, many individuals still face workplace discrimination, and their lives are often severely impacted. However, rather than accepting such actions, unfairly-treated employees have the ability to take legal action in order to address such unjust treatment. 

Multiple reports may not be enough to address sexual harassment

When a co-worker is participating in unpleasant actions while on the job, many Texas residents may feel the need to file a complaint. If the actions take the form of sexual harassment, informing a superior could help an individual stop future harassment. Unfortunately, some institutions and supervisors do not always take the necessary steps to address such actions.

FMLA violations in Texas may warrant legal action

It is not unusual for Texas workers to need time away from work at some point. Though many individuals may need a day or two to recover from a minor illness, other individuals may need additional time due to serious medical issues they suffer or their family members suffer. In these cases, individuals may be able to request time away under the federal Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA.

Negotiations for employment contracts may prove tense in Texas

Commonly, contracts created between workers and employers are only valid for a certain period of time. Therefore, when employment contracts near their expiration dates, workers may attempt to ensure that the terms of the contracts remain agreeable. Unfortunately, some employees may face difficulties if companies and their workers do not fully agree on new contract terms. 

Wrongful termination is a fear of many Texas workers

The case of an out-of-state woman's struggles with unfair dismissal from her job may be of interest to Texas readers. The woman was apparently employed by an electrical cooperative that works to provide services at low costs. However, she says that she observed numerous issues with the cooperative that involved violations of federal, state and local regulations and requirements. She claims that speaking out about these issues led to her wrongful termination.

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