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Addressing wrongful termination may help Texas residents

Job loss can seriously impact individuals in a variety of ways. Their finances may be negatively affected, and the emotional and mental stress that comes from being dismissed from a position can lead to other difficulties. When a dismissal is considered a case of wrongful termination, the situation can seem even more disheartening, and the fired individual may wish to have the incident legally addressed. 

Texas residents may be interested in one woman's case that was recently settled in another state. Reports indicated that the woman was a city employee who worked as a risk manager. At the age of 61, she was terminated from her position after reportedly being linked to an incident of theft committed by one of her subordinates. The woman claimed that she was wrongfully tied to the situation. 

Additionally, she believes that she was wrongfully terminated due to her age, race and gender. As a result, she filed a lawsuit against the city. The case recently reached a settlement, and the woman was awarded $625,000 in exchange for agreeing not to pursue another lawsuit or employment by the city. The woman effectively retired in December of last year. 

In many cases, individuals may be able to effectively address wrongful termination through legal action. If Texas residents feel that such action could potentially be warranted due to circumstances they have faced, they may wish to find out what their legal options may be. Experienced attorneys could provide useful information regarding such topics as well as other insight related to employment law.

Source:, "In another settlement, Wilmington must pay $625K", Christina Jedra, Feb. 2, 2017

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