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Employment contracts may present issues for Texas workers

Complications revolving around employment issues can often affect many Texas residents. Employment contracts have been known to become points of contention if employers and workers cannot come to agreeable terms. In many instances, continued conflict could result in workers feeling the need to take drastic actions, such as going on strike, in hopes of having their voices heard. 

One out-of-state case may soon move to such action due to a standstill in contract negotiations. Reports stated that government workers have voted to go on strike because a new contract agreement has not been reached. The conflicts have been on-going for two years between the workers and the governor. One representative for the workers stated that there was a willingness to compromise but that they would not simply give up their rights.

Within the last year, the governor's team reportedly stopped attempting to negotiate. The governor wants employees' wages to freeze for four years, have an increase in worker contributions to health coverage, and increase the workweek from 37 1/2 hours to 40 hours. Though certain terms such as the wage freeze and contributions to health care were accepted, it was apparently not enough to come to a full agreement. 

When dealing with employment contracts, it is not unusual for a considerable amount of time to pass before disputes are settled. During this time, individuals may wish to find out more information on their legal options and how those options could potentially help them work toward the contract terms they desire. Speaking with experienced Texas employment law attorneys could prove useful to interested parties.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, "Illinois public-employee union members vote to authorize strike", John O'Connor, Feb. 23, 2017

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