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FMLA violations in Texas may warrant legal action

It is not unusual for Texas workers to need time away from work at some point. Though many individuals may need a day or two to recover from a minor illness, other individuals may need additional time due to serious medical issues they suffer or their family members suffer. In these cases, individuals may be able to request time away under the federal Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA.

One woman in another state believes that her rights under this law have been violated. Reports indicated that she requested time off under the FMLA due to her son's asthma and hearing loss she herself suffered and subsequently took that leave. However, while she was away from work, she was reportedly terminated from her position at a university hospital. 

As a result of the situation, the woman decided to file a lawsuit in federal court against the hospital in order to seek restitution. Among the damages for which she is hoping to gain compensation are back pay, equitable relief and legal fees. Additional information regarding her case may become available as her law moves through the court system. 

The FMLA can prove to be a valuable asset to individuals who suffer from medical conditions or who need to care for their loved ones. When the rights provided under this law are violated by actions from employers, taking legal action may be a warranted step. Texas residents who believe they have faced wrongful termination or other retaliation for taking requested leave may wish to gain more information on how to rectify such a situation and protect their rights. 

Source:, "Thomas Jefferson University Hospital accused of FMLA violation", Louie Torres, Feb. 3, 2017

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