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Multiple reports may not be enough to address sexual harassment

When a co-worker is participating in unpleasant actions while on the job, many Texas residents may feel the need to file a complaint. If the actions take the form of sexual harassment, informing a superior could help an individual stop future harassment. Unfortunately, some institutions and supervisors do not always take the necessary steps to address such actions.

One man in another state has recently decided to take legal action against his place of employment and a supervisor. Reports stated that the lawsuit is the result of inadequate attempts to address the man's claims of sexual harassment. Apparently, a co-worker made obscene sexual gestures toward the man multiple times, and as a result, the man filed multiple complaints and spoke with various superiors. 

The director of the college where the man works stated that a restraining order would be placed on the co-worker, but no such order was put in place. The man believes that the school did not appropriately investigate his claims and, as a result, allowed the harassment to continue. At the time of the report, a representative for the school declined to comment on the pending litigation. 

In order to ensure that sexual harassment in the workplace is properly addressed, some individuals may have to make multiple complaints to their superiors. Unfortunately, as this case shows, sometimes those actions may not be enough. If Texas workers have been the victims of such harassment on the job, they may wish to consider what legal options could help them handle their difficult situations.

Source:, "Trinity College Public Safety Dispatcher Files Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaint", Steven Goode, Jan. 31, 2017

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