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Wrongful termination is a fear of many Texas workers

The case of an out-of-state woman's struggles with unfair dismissal from her job may be of interest to Texas readers. The woman was apparently employed by an electrical cooperative that works to provide services at low costs. However, she says that she observed numerous issues with the cooperative that involved violations of federal, state and local regulations and requirements. She claims that speaking out about these issues led to her wrongful termination.

The violations apparently had financial repercussions. As a result, the woman consulted with an auditing firm in efforts to have her concerns addressed, but the audit report purportedly did not handle her concerns in a satisfactory manner. The woman alleges that she had uncovered instances of understatements for taxable benefits and believes that the general manager made decisions in order to benefit himself. 

Soon after the woman began expressing her concerns and looking into the financial issues of the company, she was terminated from her position. She asserts that the firing was unjust and that the only reason behind her dismissal was her "refusal to remain silent" when it came to illegal activities of the cooperative. As a result, she is pursuing a lawsuit to address the situation. 

Discovering illegal or otherwise unseemly activities going on in the workplace may put individuals in a compromising position. Workers may want to expose such wrongdoing, but they may fear that they will be fired for speaking out. Unfortunately, as this case shows, such fears may be warranted. However, Texas residents who believe that they were dismissed from their jobs for reporting violations or other activities may be entitled to pursue wrongful termination claims of their own.

Source:, "Former employee sues PVEC for wrongful termination", Jan Runions, Jan. 24, 2017

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