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Race discrimination can cause personal, career damage in Texas

Many individuals face unfair actions directed toward them every day. Unfortunately, some Texas residents in professional environments may even face such actions in the form of race discrimination. Discrimination in the workplace can lead to workers not only feeling a personal sense of distress, but they could also see their careers damaged. 

One case currently underway in another state involves two women who claim they were discriminated against in the course of their jobs. The African-American women worked for Fox News and stated that a white individual in an executive position racially harassed them. The executive reportedly made derogatory race-based comments toward the women and other dark-skinned workers. The women apparently filed a complaint and faced retaliatory actions. 

According to the lawsuit, one of the women was fired from her position and the other woman was demoted after they declined to settle the complaint. However, a spokesperson for the news network stated that the executive in question had been dismissed from her position and that the two women involved in the lawsuit were still employed and had not been demoted. It was unclear what specific damages the women are seeking with their suit. 

Ensuring that a workplace remains a comfortable environment should be a top priority. If Texas workers have faced race discrimination on the job or other hostile work environments, they may wish to consider exercising their rights to address the issue under employment law. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help individuals determine what options they may have for rectifying such wrongdoing and understanding various legal options.

Source: Reuters, "Two black women sue Fox News executive, network for racial harassment", Brendan O'brien and Daniel Wiessner, March 29, 2017

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