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Retaliation can leave Texas workers facing unlawful dismissal

Though many individuals may carry out various actions while on the job because they feel it is within their duties, other parties may not appreciate those actions. Unfortunately, many individuals face wrongful termination and other retaliation simply because a superior did not handle a situation in the appropriate manner. Texas residents may be interested in one out-of-state man's case that recently reached a verdict.

Reports stated that the man had been employed with a county commission before he was dismissed from his position. Apparently, the man had become aware of a harassment claim against a former employee, and as a result, he began to investigate the claim. However, the former worker was apparently a friend with two of the county commissioners. 

Soon after the man's investigation -- the results of which were not included in the report -- he was informed that his job was eliminated. The county claimed that the dismissal came about due to a restructuring of his department, but the man filed a wrongful termination claim. A jury recently ruled in his favor, and he was awarded $1.7 million in compensation. 

Being terminated for carrying out job-related duties is patently unfair. In many cases, as with this incident, workers may have been subjected to wrongful treatment as a form of retaliation. If Texas residents believe that they were the victims of wrongful termination, they may wish to determine whether filing a legal claim could suit their circumstances. Speaking with an experienced attorney could help them better assess their particular predicaments.

Source:, "$1.7M decision reached in Ada County wrongful termination case", March 14, 2017

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