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Study indicates age discrimination is a serious issue

Needing a job is not something that goes away at a certain age. Many Texas residents likely know that many individuals in their 60s are considered to be of retirement age. However, not all older people have the financial stability to retire. Unfortunately, for older parties looking to gain employment, age discrimination may make the process more difficult. 

A recent study indicated that this type of discrimination is a serious issue. Reports stated that researchers used over 40,000 fake resumes to apply for various lower-skilled positions. The resumes all contained the same information except when it came to age and gender. Female resumes were sent to openings for secretaries and administrative assistants, male resumes were sent for janitorial and security openings, and resumes for both genders were sent to retail positions.

The results found that, as the age on the resumes went up, the response rates decreased. Additionally, the issue affected those resumes which indicated the applicant was a woman, to a greater degree. For administrative positions, the youngest female age group had a call back rate of 14.4 percent, and the oldest group's rate dropped to nearly half that percentage at 7.6 percent. Though call back rates for male applications also decreased between the youngest and oldest groups, it was to a lesser degree. 

Facing age discrimination can be a difficult issue to handle. When Texas residents are rejected at the application level, parties may feel as if they have no options. However, if evidence exists that discrimination affected a person's ability to gain or keep a job, legal action may be warranted in hopes of rectifying the situation.

Source:, "Study using fake resumes shows widespread age discrimination", Kathleen Pender, Feb. 28, 2017

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