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Tech workers may face sexual harassment on the job in Texas

As the technology industry continues to grow and change the lives of individuals around the world, many people may find themselves employed by a technology company. However, among the three top tech companies today, only 30 percent of their workers are female. Additionally, a major problem in this industry is sexual harassment.

Texas residents may be interested in a recent report that stated the number of sexual harassment cases in the workplace are increasing. The fact that more individuals are coming forward to report cases of such harassment was attributed to the noticeable statistical increase. Unfortunately, many companies are not necessarily addressing these cases as they should. As a result, harassment continues to be a prevalent issue due to a lack of procedures to properly deal with complaints.

Furthermore, many individuals may not be aware of what constitutes sexual harassment. Physical, verbal or even written forms of unwelcome sexual advancements could fall under sexual harassment. Therefore, rather than dismissing such actions as harmless banter, individuals may wish to understand that these acts could constitute harassment and should be addressed in order to discourage this type of behavior. 

Sexual harassment is not limited to the technology industry. Women and men at any place of employment could face harassing actions in a variety of ways. Therefore, Texas residents who believe they have been the victims of such actions may wish to better understand their options for dealing with these issues. If workplace supervisors do not address the claims properly, taking legal action may be the next course of action to consider.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Combating Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry", Megan Brame, March 9, 2017

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