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Texas residents may take action against wrongful termination

Many individuals face conflicting moments throughout their lives. Some of those moments may come while a person is on the job, and he or she may wonder whether to speak up about suspicious activity. Though being honest often proves the most beneficial route, some individuals could face retaliation in the form of wrongful termination if their honesty is not appreciated. 

Texas residents may be interested in one out-of-state man's case. Reports stated that the man had been a police officer for six years before he was terminated from his position. The dismissal apparently stemmed from the man's refusal to take a psychological examination that he believed had no direct connection to his job. However, the request for the evaluation came about after the man expressed concerns regarding possible wrongdoing inside the police department.

The man suspected that another officer took part in a burglary that had taken place at a police storage building and that a police chief had disclosed confidential information while teaching a class. The man took his concerns to his supervisor, but rather than utilizing an outside party to investigate, the department conducted its own investigation. Soon after the man's complaint, the psych evaluation was requested, and his subsequent termination came about. As a result, the man has filed a wrongful termination claim against the police department.

When wrongful termination is suspected after a dismissal, individuals may not fully understand how to deal with such an issue. However, Texas residents facing such circumstances have legal options they may wish to utilize. Consulting with an experienced attorney could help individuals determine whether their cases could warrant legal action and what steps may be needed in order to move forward.

Source:, "City of Scottsbluff sued for wrongful termination by former police officer", Scott Miller, March 6, 2017

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