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Wrongful termination case filed against ESPN

The news is filled with stories of companies that are said to be giving in to pressure from the public when it comes to political correctness and views. Texas tennis fans might know who Doug Adler is, a now-former ESPN anchor. He covered tennis for the sports network until he was fired. He claims in a recent wrongful termination lawsuit that the motivation for his firing was his use of the word "guerrilla" to describe the playing style of Venus Williams.

Adler claims that no one spoke to him about the use of the description "the guerrilla effect" for her style after the broadcast since it is a phrase that has been used in tennis for many years to describe a player's aggressiveness. However, his comment spawned a tidal wave of criticism on social media and in the news. Apparently, many people thought he was calling Williams a gorilla.

Adler was forced to apologize publicly, which he did, even though the network and its executives knew that he did nothing wrong. Two days after the broadcast, he was fired. Adler alleges that his career is ruined due to the way ESPN handled the negative press. He goes on to say that this was a non-issue for which he now suffers emotional distress, and his career will more than likely never recover.

In addition to wrongful termination, Adler also claims economic hardship and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Texas workers who believe they were wrongfully terminated for what appears to be a misunderstanding or miscommunication might benefit from speaking with an attorney. If a court rules that you were wrongfully terminated, you could receive non-monetary and monetary damages.

Source: Fox News, "ESPN sued for wrongful termination by announcer after Venus Williams match call", Feb. 15, 2017

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