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Wrongful termination claim of former Verizon employee settles

As the average age of the population rises and the economy requires people to work longer, many older Americans continue to work longer than their parents and grandparents did. In theory, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act should protect these workers from losing their jobs based on their age. However, as many Texas residents can attest, in practice, workers become victims of wrongful termination every day across the country for this reason.

Consider the case of a 28-year Verizon employee who was terminated from his position in June 2015. The man spent the last 15 years of his career with the cell phone giant as a systems technician. Up until eight weeks before his termination, he had no significant disciplinary issues and did his job well. Then he received a new supervisor who he says began making discriminatory comments regarding him and other older employees.

The supervisor even commented that the older systems technicians were not as fast at climbing poles as the younger workers and made other disparaging comments about them. Shortly before he was terminated, the supervisor questioned the man's time sheets, saying that the older Pennsylvania worker had falsified them. First, he was suspended, and then he was terminated. He claims his supervisor bypassed Verizon's disciplinary procedures, made up a reason to fire him and violated the ADEA.

Before the matter went to trial in federal court, the parties settled the wrongful termination suit. Older workers here in Texas who believe they were terminated because of their age should seek the counsel of an experienced employment law attorney. 

Source:, "Former systems technician settles wrongful termination action against Verizon", Nicholas Malfitano, March 15, 2017

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