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On wrongful termination and the factors to consider

Losing a job is a traumatic and disappointing experience. If you have been fired, the sudden loss of income and benefits will change the way you live your life in the short-term, and possibly the long-term. If you have been laid off, the effects will be similar, though there may be some warning or severance. If you quit a job, it may be liberating, but there still may be some tough times ahead.

All in all, when you lose a job, your response needs to be appropriate. This is even more important for those who have lost their jobs under wrongful or unlawful circumstances. Make no mistake, many terminations are done legally and appropriately, so you shouldn't assume that just because you were let go from your company that it was done wrongfully.

But in wrongful termination scenarios, the affected individual may recoup needed finances and justice via a wrongful termination lawsuit. Even though all states except Montana employ an "at-will" working relationship between the employee and the company -- meaning that the relationship can be ended for any reason (good, bad, or no reason, so long as it is not an unlawful reason) -- there are still protections for employees.

Discrimination is not a valid reason to fire someone. Firing an employee in retaliation for the employee engaging in certain "protected conduct" (such as complaining about race or gender discrimination) is unacceptable. And if the termination violates the terms of a contract between the employee and the company, the employee may have legal recourse as well. If you feel you were wrongfully terminated, review your case with the experienced attorneys at Fiddler & Associates.

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