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Ten important contracts for your small business, part 2

In our previous post, we discussed five business contracts that you should know about if you are a business owner. This follow-up will conclude the series and go over five more important contracts that may be helpful to your small business.

Ten important contracts for your small business, part 1

Without a doubt, running a small or medium-sized business can leave you swamped with legal paperwork. To make the process a bit easier, we have compiled a list of ten essential contracts that you should know about. This post is the first in a two-part series that will address important employment contracts for your business.

Trade secrets, non-competes, and complex litigation

Some companies provide services to their customers, while others produce products. For the companies that provide services, they need to have amazing customer satisfaction and top-tier communication skills so that their customers are happy with the service. For the companies that provide products, they also need to have amazing customer satisfaction, but to achieve that they need unique products (and pieces to their products) to differentiate them from other companies.

Avoid this risky employment contract loophole

Easily the most explosive scandal to come out of Hollywood this year is the onslaught of sexual assault allegations against movie tycoon Harvey Weinstein. Over 35 women, including several female employees of The Weinstein Company, have alleged that they were victims of the producer's sexual abuse.

What you should know about hiring contractors vs. employees

Employees and independent contractors are two types of workers who often perform similar duties, but in fact have different legal definitions. A company may be composed of employees and contractors who work side by side and collaborate frequently, even performing similar jobs. But there are major distinctions between the two, and it isn't just their job title.

4 employment clauses that could prove to be problematic

The start of any employment relationship is often full of hope and ambition. Employers are eager to fill empty roles with talented people and employees are ready to get to work. In the midst of this anticipation, it can be easy for parties to make some costly missteps when it comes to signing an employment contract.

Is your employer open to predictable scheduling?

Having a livable working wage for the working poor is at the forefront of many legislators’ agendas. Indeed, the cost of living in Texas is lower than other areas of the country, so a $15 minimum wage may not be a priority yet, but having predictable schedules certainly is.  

An end to last minute scheduling changes for hourly workers?

The job stability of a fast food worker is dependent on the revenues their employer generates. Financial peaks and valleys are part of doing business for everyone involved.
While restaurants have predictable "up" and "down" times, business traffic not living up to expectations impact hourly employees' bottom lines.

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