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Sexual Harassment Archives

Airlines continue to address harassment of flight attendants

Jobs in the service industries can be particularly challenging. Nevertheless, flight attendants would seem to have it worse than most. Not only do they work in close quarters with customers, there is a long tradition of objectifying or sexualizing the flight attendant.

Many harassment cases linger in EEOC backlog

The wave of sexual harassment accusations in Texas and the rest of the country has raised numerous challenges. Legislators have been pressured to enact legislation targeting workplace discrimination. Employers have reexamined their workplace policies regarding sexual harassment. And everyday employees are speaking out in defense of female colleagues who have been harassed.

Mandatory arbitration for sexual harassment may soon be banned

Mandatory arbitration in workplace sexual harassment cases may soon be a thing of the past. The attorneys general of every state in the nation have joined together, urging Congress to prohibit forced arbitration. The bipartisan group--which includes Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton--is encouraging legislation that would allow victims to take their harassment claims to court.

How should employers deal with old sexual harassment claims?

In the wake of numerous scandals, sexual harassment is on every employer's mind. From celebrities to politicians to heads of business, it seems that no one is exempt from accusations of sexual harassment. One thing that is notable about some of the accusers' allegations is that they occurred years, or even decades, before they were reported.

On sexual harassment claims and the need for legal help

Sexual harassment has been a massive topic in the news lately. It has been a critical issue in the world of employment law for ages, but the Harvey Weinstein case has opened up the collective eyes of our society to the scary nature of this problem. As such, both employees and employers need to be cognizant of sexual harassment and how to not only prevent it from happening in the first place but also how to proceed when a legal case is made out of sexual harassment allegations.

How much longer will "boys be boys" in Silicon Valley?

While known for cutting-edge technology, Silicon Valley is also famous for an old-school approach to corporate governance. A growing number of prominent male executives have faced accusations in recent years. Many resigned over allegations of sexist, hostile and predatory behavior directed at female contemporaries and employees.

Reporting workplace harassment? There's an app for that.

Once known for comedy, the Upright Citizens Brigade found themselves the decidedly unfunny topic of discussions involving workplace assault and harassment. After a show’s host faced accusations of rape, UCB set up a hotline for employees to report these types of incidences to counselors and human resource professionals in New York and Los Angeles.

Here's what you need to know about sexual harassment

The subjugation of one person by another sounds like something that should not be part of a civilized society. Sadly, those who desire to have power over another person often still do so. In the workplace, some co-workers, supervisors and managers use sexual harassment as their tool here in Texas and elsewhere.

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